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Theater Renovations

Do you have a theatre you want to renovate?
Do you want to volunteer?

Do you have supplies to donate?

Please contact us.




Empty Theater

"All the world's a stage..."

-William Shakespeare 

Theater Lights
Spotlight 1_edited_edited.jpg
Theater Marquee Lights

The Inspiration!

Curtain Call!

 Theatres provide a special place for artists to express themselves.  Theatres are a place that audiences go to be entertained through stories, dance, and music.  We want to help restore/create theatre spaces and make them more readily accessible to everyone.



Upstage Your Theater

Each theater is unique.  We choose our projects based on size, scope, and need.  We rely on volunteers to help complete the projects. 

Want to help?  Check back periodically for a list of the different products needed to help restore a theater to its fullest potential!

Cinema Complex
Stage Curtains


Waiting in the Wings

Once a theater gets restored by the Performers With Purpose Foundation,  a section of donated tickets will be available for underprivileged families to attend a show that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to see.

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