The International Cultural Art Program (INCAP) is a program for people, ages 5 to 105. This program’s main purpose is to teach people about the world and different cultures through art. All of the proceeds from each lesson with go toward community causes (food, supplies, shelter, climate change, equality, animal rights, etc.)  We will pinpoint a specific cause in each place that we “travel” to and we will give money/supplies to an organization revolving around that cause.


Each month, participants can order a subscription box that goes along with our monthly classes. The subscription boxes contain art supplies, cultural pieces (items for different holiday traditions, recipes, gifts, art, candies, coins, etc.), advertising (flyers/cards for the studios and groups that are taking part), and a schedule for the lessons and programs that are included.


In February, 2021, INCAP will be celebrating Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday and the people of Louisiana. We will be learning how to make art based off of the Costumes that you see in the Mardi Gras Day Parade, we will be exploring the vast world of music from New Orleans.  We will also learn about the traditions and recipes from New Orleans. Lastly, we will dive in to the dance techniques of the Bounce, the Samba, the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, and other special dances from this area.


Image by Jude Beck






Image by Sharon McCutcheon